Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thoughts to Ponder

"The big attraction? How about headlines that scream "NO ROOM AT THE JAIL?" Or the free lunches, dinners, etc. Or the many people who hand money to the corner jockeys. Or how about the LTD hub, the public library and the empty hole being a central meeting area. Or the Broadway Plaza? My family and I could not enjoy many of the downtown attractions this summer because the drunk and drugged took over Broadway Plaza and other areas. Nothing like sitting down to enjoy the glorious flowers on a warm sunny day while some guy is puking up his Steel Reserve.

There was a bicycle officer in front of the library one day who sat and watched people jaywalk, fight, do a drug deal, and an LTD bus run a red light. All in a few minutes, directly in front of him. What was he doing that he didn't notice any of this? Talking on his cell phone.

I live downtown and love the thriving arts scene and the amazing music and community. But we have had to call Cahoots more times than we can remember for the people who are passed out, pooping in our yard or wandering in the street aimlessly. We've taken people to detox (Buckley) ourselves when the police and/or Cahoots could not respond.

Everyone talks about the "rights" of the homeless and drunk, but why not about the "rights" of the taxpaying homeowners and people who work? When the homeless start paying taxes to support the police dept and fire dept and Cahoots and detox and the ER....well, then, maybe their voice should be heard. In the meantime, the many dollars and resources that are expended on the behalf of these people who are able to sustain irresponsiblity because we take them on will continue to support irresponsible drunkeness."

(a concerned citizen and taxpayer)

"I agree with Jean Tate that our city problems with crime and crime prevention need to be addressed on a county wide level. Money, no surprise to anyone is the key to all the various programs needed. I suggest the campaign, when put on the ballot, be a "shock and Awe" advertising and media approach. The only methods that will wake up and shake the city and county voters out of their mediocrity and compel them to part with their hard earned money is a campaign that reveals the deterioration in other "crime over the top" cities. There are plenty of examples and plenty of city leaders who will openly tell about the consequences of run away crime. When the people that live here feel safe and comfortable and look the other way and then next month or next year they tremble that their neighbor has been attacked in their home or their wonderful new truck has disappeared out of their lighted driveway overnight, guess what. It does not take long for a beautiful city and wonderful county to get to a place where no place is safe. Smell the roses and open your wallets so we can enjoy the paradise we live in. "

a concerned citizen and taxpayer

"...thanks for the work you are doing, "

a concerned tax paying citizen

" I was also downtown a bit ago and saw a derelict who had wet his pants harassing a couple of gals. What a city--they then charged me $1.50 to park and see empty buildings. Something is wrong or have I said that before!!!"

signed by a taxpayer and downtown visitor