Monday, December 28, 2009

Eugene Crime Rate Rises Again


Mayor/City Manager:

Eugene once again makes headlines on our increased crime rates only now for the first half of 2009. Any thoughts on what they will look like after the close of 2009? While your committees and Council including each of you enjoy lavish meals at a reported cost of $200,000 per year from the taxpayers our crime rates continue to climb. Is it true that the deployment of that $200,000 to the public safety sector would mean two more officers for Chief Kerns to use to reduce crime? Yes, it is only a stipend but it is a start. We think if you collectively put your minds to it you could find much bigger amounts to deploy to Chief Kerns. We challenge you to do so.

EugeneAdvocates for a Clean City

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Eugene Budget for 2010-2011

City of Eugene Budget for 2010-2011/Page down to DO YOU KNOW??

City of Eugene Budget Committee

Next Budget Committee meeting will be held in January of 2010 (exact date to be determined) in the Bascom-Tykeson Room of the Downtown Library, 100 W 10th Avenue, 1st Floor. Meeting agenda will include a briefing on the six-year General Fund forecast and the FY11 budget process update. Meeting materials will be posted on this web site the week prior to the meeting. This meeting will be televised on MetroTV, Channel 21, and a webcast will be available on the City of Eugene web site.

Budget Committee Public Testimony

Public testimony is taken at most Budget Committee meetings. Participants providing testimony are allotted up to three minutes each for their comments. Those wishing to speak are encouraged to fill out a "Request to Speak" form at the beginning of the meeting, so the Chairperson will know how much time will be needed and whether speaking times will require adjustment.

Citizens are also encouraged to provide their comments and feedback in writing (select "Send E-Mail to Budget Committee Members" link on the left).


The list of Budget Committee members is available at (click on Budget Committee Membership link under Budget Committee Information heading). You can email the entire budget committee on your desire for public safety budgeting.

  • How much do they spend sending Betty Taylor around the country and town?
  • How much has the city spent on Toyota Priuses?
  • Fire Trucks, ambulances and their maintenance schedules?
  • What is the annual maintenance of the library building and it's annual staffing expense?

I can dig deeper."

(signed by a concerned Eugene citizen and taxpayer)


"Do you know that the City of Eugene spends $200,000 per year for food for the City Council and other meeting groups. This is the equivalent of two police officer positions that could be used to help stop crime in the downtown area. Gives a new meaning to eating at the government trough!!! Maybe just maybe this can be stopped and the money can be shifted to our #1 concern--Public Safety."

(signed by a Eugene taxpayer)


EugeneAdvocates for a Clean City

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cold Early Evening Downtown

Downtown on a cold early evening!!! Page down for more information.....

"Isn't "hanging out" also known as loitering?

Talk about disconnects. Until the council and city staff comprehend that retail, loitering, and social services mix like oil and water, redevelopment efforts are futile.

When these kids hand out in front of our businesses, their conversations can be plainly heard through the glass indoors and concrete walls. For the most part their vocabulary includes word f_ _ck in every sentence. It used to be common for our customers to bring their children with them while shopping, there has been a noticable decline in that trend over the past two-three years. It is my belief that they do not want to visually and audibly expose their children to the "acceptable" behaviors that are common in downtown. Based on our trend in walk-in traffic they don't want to expose themselves either, and I cannot blame them in the least. It is an appaling environment to come to every day. Downtown is a role model for unsightly, embarassing, and unacceptable social behavior, at least in the generation I came from.

If these behaviors took place daily in front of your own home and dramatically impacted your personal income, you'd understand where my opinions and perceptions are derived from."

(signed by a downtown business owner, taxpayer and voter)

What do you say Mayor/Council/City Manager to this concerned citizen? IS THE POLICE CHIEF'S TASK FORCE REPORT DUE OUT THIS WEEK AND WHEN WILL IT BE IMPLEMENTED?

EugeneAdvocates for a Clean City

Friday, December 11, 2009

Frustration At the Highest

Frustration at the highest level by the Citizens of Eugene

Mayor/Council/City Manager:

We are forwarding just a small sample of the emails we have received that demonstrate how very frustrated our citizenry is with the lack of action to clean up our City by the Mayor who is "For All of Eugene". We assume that the Council and City Manager are also "For All of Eugene" and will listen to those folks who do not always show up to provide public testimony but are concerned about Eugene and this administrations action or lack there of on their public safety in Eugene. These comments come from the local taxpayers who pay the wages and vote to retain the management. Would the Mayor/Council/City Manager care to respond to these concerns? If not why not? If so please do!

EugeneAdvocates for a Clean City




"I read the article in the paper this morning and as I read it, the City Council acknowledged the problem and the need for action. I know—we’ve heard that before, but hopefully, the action part of this won’t become buried (again) beneath work sessions, committee meetings, community surveys, and newly spawned handout programs. Crime is the issue—not social programs. I found it laughable that one counselor stated he’d like to see free food handouts in every Eugene neighborhood! Ha, then what? Beds, needle exchanges, free haircuts, and iPhones?"

(signed by a citizen who is concerned and a taxpayer)


"Two (officers) is better than none—so maybe the meetings and discussion forums have helped! The real questions in my mind are

-Do the officers issue citations?

-Do the offenders go away?

-Is there a disincentive to returning?

Face it, as long as the community puts out “bait” in the form of free meals, potential victims to panhandle from, no or little law enforcement, the riff raff will return."

(signed by a concerned citizen and taxpayer)


"During Eugene Celebration, on Saturday after the parade, I observed a man urinate on a newspaper stand on the northeast corner of 8th and Willamette. I called the police dept, explained what had just taken place, watched the man pull a pint of vodka out of his pocket, take a drink and then walk across 8th street and through Saturday Market area. I called again, explaining where this individual was walking and what he was wearing. He then tried to enter the restricted area of the celebration, but security would not allow. During this 45 minute period, I could never get a police officer to respond. This man again, exposed himself to the security, telling them to "come and get a piece of this," and started swearing at them when they would not let him enter. This "display" should not be allowed to take place in front of women and children during a celebration which encourages people to come to the downtown. Upon calling police dispatch again, I was told to quit following him. WHERE IN THE HELL WERE THE POLICE WHEN I NEEDED ONE? Police didn't even respond when security called this in."

(signed by a taxpayer and downtown visitor)


"I’m so glad we have public safety all taken care of so now we can focus on things like this (Food Security Town Hall - Dec 2). And to think we are facing a 12 million dollar deficit next year. Keep the marshmallows from getting to stale, is that what they are talking about? Notice the slant on organics.

And the County just authorized $60,000 to study the economics of a local farmers market and if it makes economic sense.

I’m feeling real good about our leadership and their priorities."

(signed by another frustrated citizen and taxpayer)


"What I have noticed in Major "kitty's" tenure as mayor is that she is a reactionary. A perfect example is during her campaigning for election she said that road repair and replacement would be a priority, this due in it's entirety to Jim Torrey's dedication to that task. Subsequently she did have some road repair done. It never was completed. Even when the economy was still vital, the task was partially completed. Arcadia (in my neighborhood) is a good indication of her priorities. Literally half of the road is repaved. I see her going through the same motions with this, giving it cursory attention until public sentiment subsides. Hope it doesn't."

(signed by a frustrated citizen and taxpayer)


"In this economy and in any other -- it doesn't matter what "kind" of economy we have -- until the money collected from taxpayers for "*public safety*" goes to fund jail space and police officers instead of therapy, rehab, outreach programs and other kinds of programs that are designed to make the perpetrators feel good instead of looking after the citizens who are being victimized, I can't imagine one sane person in this community who would vote in favor of that kind of tax ever again."

(signed by a frustrated citizen and taxpayer)


"One of the best cities to have a business in? Then why do so many give up and go where they feel more welcomed and supported, even if they *aren’t* “green enough” for the mayor’s taste? "

(submitted by a downtown employee and taxpayer)


"I am a bit concerned about the comment on Network Charter School. I have worked with their director, Mary Leighton, for over a year now. She regularly attends the Downtown Safety Council meetings and works closely with the Downtown Guides and the police bike patrol to make sure her kids stay in line. She has told me that the DT Guides person is the one who told her about 858 Pearl. We should hope the rest of the young people on the streets were under her control. She is very aware of the problems they can cause her kids who are trying to turn their lives around--a reason she hopes the move works out for all parties.

(signed by a downtown leader and retired business owner)


"If you want to discuss disconnects...............There are five council members that one could write volumes on. It is painfully obvious that Brown, Zelenka, Ortiz, Taylor, and Pryor lack the objectivity it takes to represent any community as a whole. Their lack of knowledge, experience, and insight justifies recall. The all exhibited opinions and perceptions that differ greatly from the reality of multiple critical issues. Fair & Balanced cannot occur while living in ones own little world."

(signed by a downtown employee and taxpayer)


"The majority of our city council - and our mayor - are liberals. They have an affinity for criminals and the homeless, whom they see as victims of society. They do not understand (or they refuse to admit) that most poverty is caused by bad decisions - the decision not to finish high school, to marry too young, to have children out of wedlock or before the parents can afford them.

Liberals do not understand (or refuse to admit) that most homelessness is caused by addiction and/or mental illness. And they resist programs to involuntarily institutionalize the mentally ill, whom they consign to suffering on the streets.

If the above is true (and I believe it is), we are banging our heads into a brick wall. The only solution is to elect more Mike Clarks, George Polings and Faye Stewarts. Kitty and her liberal friends will continue to fund programs that are magnets for criminals and the homeless. These are the people they want in Eugene."

(signed by a taxpayer and concerned citizen)


Any comments from the Mayor/Council/City Manager will be printed in their entirety so that all of Eugene will view this transparency in our local government. ALL OF EUGENE would like to hear!!!

EugeneAdvocates for a Clean City

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Public Safety Concerns

Public Safety Concerns....Do We All Know This????

As Lane County and the City of Eugene enter into budget priorities each of our elected officials and their budget committees should take into consideration the article that was forwarded to us by a reader of OAA Chronicles and advocate of public safety. It is time for all of us to insist that during this budgeting process that our budget committee and voting officials put the priorities where they belong with Public Safety being number 1 and fund Public Safety with the goal to reduce our very high crime rates. What are the funding priorities of the Mayor/Council/City Manager? Please let us know!!!

EugeneAdvocates for a Clean City

Saturday, December 5, 2009

2009 Crime Rates and Solutions

As we move into the last month of 2009 we are faced with the reality that the trend lines indicate that the City of Eugene will once again set a new record for criminal activity in Eugene. Since EugeneAdvocates started our discussions in September including pointing out the problems and offering solutions there has been no visible identification or implementation of any solutions that would turn the trend lines or even slow them down. Listed on our web site are up to 22 solutions and while there is some redundancy that is intentional for emphasis. If you have others please let us add them to the web site.

The City through the taxpayers hire and vote for administrators to be decision makers and enforcers of our laws to safe guard our City. It is a delegation of those duties from those that pay the bills and vote to those that are hired to do the job. Lack of doing that by those hired to protect and safeguard our City is a failure of the fiduciary responsibility granted to those individuals. Shifting the decision making and enforcement review to citizen groups is not what the true decision makers who were hired and received a wage are suppose to do.

This does not appear to be responsible government. Now the council is advised not to micro-manage those folks who have failed in their performance of their duties. Now the council has decided to wait for further reports from the citizen volunteer decision makers who in most cases lack appropriate qualifications in the field and who have replaced the qualified paid decision makers. In the mean time crime continues to grow and be levied against our businesses, our investors, and our downtown patrons as witnessed by the following quotes found in the Register Guard.

One lady reports:
"...I went downtown just to browse and see what was going on. I was literally accosted five times! Men begging for money. I was pushed twice, was sworn at many times, and one man actually urinated in front of me."

Another gentlemen reports:
"Eugene's going belly up, and the taxpayers are fronting the bill for sightseeing trips"(Betty Taylor's trip to San Antonio). "It needs to stop, and stop now!" (prompts the question would these funds be better aimed at public safety)

A Police Officer reports to the Register Guard:
"Honestly, I'd say in all my 18 years as a police officer here, the amount of people this year out and about drinking in public and displaying disorderly behavior is the worst I've ever seen."

Mayor, when will we start to see some visible means of solving our many downtown problems? Please do not let us move into 2010 on a trend line of crime that will exceed what is expected for 2009.

EugeneAdvocates for a Clean City

Friday, December 4, 2009

Money Not the Solution

Talk among ourselves and hope the decision makers are listening and will act....

To the citizen who wrote:

"Eugene Advocates:

I think you guys are not understanding the big problem. In many of your solutions you state you want volunteers and downtown guides (red hats or whatever) to be able to cite people for law violations. You can cite all the people you want, but nothing is going to change because our Criminal Justice system is broke and every law violator knows it. Most police officers today don't even call it a "Justice System" because there is no "Justice" about it. I call it a "legal system" because I can't even say the word "Justice" anymore with a straight face. If you add fifty more people to write citations, but the courts can't jail people or enforce the fines because there is no jail space, these guys won't pay the citations and they will be right back downtown. Handing out citations isn't the answer if you don't have a plan in place to back it up." __________________________

EugeneAdvocates writes back:

Thank you for your response. We understand the main problem which is money. We are also realists that say the taxpayers are not going to give more money for a couple of reasons: 1. the economy, 2. they don't trust the politicians to spend it wisely ie public safety, 3. the disconnect between ideology in the community. Given no more money is available then how to improve public safety downtown. The solutions offered are based on that premise.

The main premise is if you take people, any people, out of their comfort zone then they will gravitate to other places where they feel more comfortable: Thus the citation program and enforcement of the existing laws. Flood downtown with officers for a couple of hours each day and write everyone up. Then ask the city council to enlarge the range of violations in the exclusion zone to any citation issued. Then the matter of jail space becomes an issue if in fact they violate the exclusion zone. More leased space from Lane County or Springfield once it opens might help. Open the work camp may help but staff is the problem. Erect a new misdemeanor jail on the same foot print with the Police Station instead of creating a sub-station for the Police Department in the downtown area. This may have merit.

Please believe us that we really do appreciate your perspective but money is the issue and lacking that we need to do some things that are a bit outside of the box. One of our writers suggested that we look at Emeryville, Ca, and Boise came up again. We have reviewed those places and their solution has been to enforce the laws on their books. We can look to Cottage Grove where the Mayor reports a panhandler license is required and if granted they require OSHA regs for safety which means panhandlers must have a hard hat, vest, etc. Do you see panhandlers in Cottage Grove--no--they moved to a more comfortable venue--namely Eugene. Same applied in Springfield and Roseburg. We are the comfort zone for too many and then they get hungry for their choices (alcohol or drugs) and create crimes to pay for their addiction at our expense. Simple but solutions are not. Hope this helps you understand what we are attempting to promote while all the study groups continue to study. In the meantime Eugene is setting new record highs for crime. We need to do something now! What do you say Mayor/Council/City Manager??

EugeneAdvocates for a Clean City