Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Eugene Budget for 2010-2011

City of Eugene Budget for 2010-2011/Page down to DO YOU KNOW??

City of Eugene Budget Committee

Next Budget Committee meeting will be held in January of 2010 (exact date to be determined) in the Bascom-Tykeson Room of the Downtown Library, 100 W 10th Avenue, 1st Floor. Meeting agenda will include a briefing on the six-year General Fund forecast and the FY11 budget process update. Meeting materials will be posted on this web site the week prior to the meeting. This meeting will be televised on MetroTV, Channel 21, and a webcast will be available on the City of Eugene web site.

Budget Committee Public Testimony

Public testimony is taken at most Budget Committee meetings. Participants providing testimony are allotted up to three minutes each for their comments. Those wishing to speak are encouraged to fill out a "Request to Speak" form at the beginning of the meeting, so the Chairperson will know how much time will be needed and whether speaking times will require adjustment.

Citizens are also encouraged to provide their comments and feedback in writing (select "Send E-Mail to Budget Committee Members" link on the left).


The list of Budget Committee members is available at www.eugene-or.gov/budgetcommittee (click on Budget Committee Membership link under Budget Committee Information heading). You can email the entire budget committee on your desire for public safety budgeting.

  • How much do they spend sending Betty Taylor around the country and town?
  • How much has the city spent on Toyota Priuses?
  • Fire Trucks, ambulances and their maintenance schedules?
  • What is the annual maintenance of the library building and it's annual staffing expense?

I can dig deeper."

(signed by a concerned Eugene citizen and taxpayer)


"Do you know that the City of Eugene spends $200,000 per year for food for the City Council and other meeting groups. This is the equivalent of two police officer positions that could be used to help stop crime in the downtown area. Gives a new meaning to eating at the government trough!!! Maybe just maybe this can be stopped and the money can be shifted to our #1 concern--Public Safety."

(signed by a Eugene taxpayer)


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