Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cold Early Evening Downtown

Downtown on a cold early evening!!! Page down for more information.....

"Isn't "hanging out" also known as loitering?

Talk about disconnects. Until the council and city staff comprehend that retail, loitering, and social services mix like oil and water, redevelopment efforts are futile.

When these kids hand out in front of our businesses, their conversations can be plainly heard through the glass indoors and concrete walls. For the most part their vocabulary includes word f_ _ck in every sentence. It used to be common for our customers to bring their children with them while shopping, there has been a noticable decline in that trend over the past two-three years. It is my belief that they do not want to visually and audibly expose their children to the "acceptable" behaviors that are common in downtown. Based on our trend in walk-in traffic they don't want to expose themselves either, and I cannot blame them in the least. It is an appaling environment to come to every day. Downtown is a role model for unsightly, embarassing, and unacceptable social behavior, at least in the generation I came from.

If these behaviors took place daily in front of your own home and dramatically impacted your personal income, you'd understand where my opinions and perceptions are derived from."

(signed by a downtown business owner, taxpayer and voter)

What do you say Mayor/Council/City Manager to this concerned citizen? IS THE POLICE CHIEF'S TASK FORCE REPORT DUE OUT THIS WEEK AND WHEN WILL IT BE IMPLEMENTED?

EugeneAdvocates for a Clean City