Monday, March 8, 2010

Hoping for Change

Reoccuring Problems still.....hopefully changing....

"Amen! My sister works at the U Of O. She has been telling me things that go on there. One big problem is they do not do drug testing of anyone. I think it's the unions and the professors that don't want it because it could expose their own drug abuse. Three workers last year went on break together and were caught on a bench on campus smoking dope of some sort. It took them a while to fire them because they are union. Unions should not have anything to do with whether these workers are tested. People could get injured or killed while on these drugs. The U of O could be sued big time. What would happen to the state budget then? The way these kid's are allowed to dress is unbelievable, they wear lingerie during class time even a street hooker would be embarrassed to wear. Then there is the promotion of promiscuity with condom fashion shows, free condoms necklaces they wear around proudly. They also have seminars on sexual positions and this in under the category of safe sex. This only promotes disease and unwanted pregnancy since condoms don't always work. Then of course there is planned parenthood to the rescue. This murder of children can and does destroy the girls lives as well as the child. These kid's future is at stake, we need to change things NOW. We need to stop drugs from coming into this country to keep them away from our kids. Drugs lead to crime when they are addicted. Many of them start using in our schools. Evenually they drop out with no job and mom and dad have left them to fend for themselves on our streets. This is a tragedy. Thank you for listening. "