Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Summary, Break

SUMMARY....a must read from EugeneAdvocates.....

EugeneAdvocates for a Clean City was initially created to draw the deplorable condition of downtown to the attention of public officials and key administrators. We accomplished that with Pictorial 1 and 2 found on our web site listed below. The dramatic conditions were a wake up call not only for the public officials and key administrators but also for the people of Eugene who do not go downtown because of the condition they witnessed when they use to attempt a trip to town and also to reinforce those that use downtown regularly. The City acknowledged the valid concerns of EugeneAdvocates with their numerous comments and the media finally climbed on board. EugeneAdvocates felt the need to present the taxpayers comments to the City (these can be found on the blog listed below). Even the Mayor acknowledged the deplorable condition of downtown and the Chief of Police acknowledged the deplorable and growing crime rate for Eugene.

Since the first edition there have been some advancements in programs that are designed to assist in cleaning up downtown. The solutions EugeneAdvocates supported were not totally enacted by the City even though they could have been implemented without major budget impact. However, the Council with minor exceptions appear to be working toward some solutions. Thus EugeneAdvocates will take a break to allow the process to unfold. We will be curious to see the measuring sticks to be used to gage success and will see what this summer brings. The Mayor and Council need to remember that just enticing more people to come to town will not clean up the City. As one of the commentors pointed out: " Business won't move in if they don't have customers--customers won't come downtown if it isn't safe." Therefore we will all take a break and ask the City to continue to immediately implement the work of the Police Chief's task force and the financial suggestions of the City Manager and then maybe, just maybe, we will see an improvement by summer. A word of caution must go to supporters of a Clean Eugene--be very careful if in the time ahead you are asked to sign a petition which will slow down any well intended efforts by the City Council to clean up downtown. Read the petition carefully and think of how it will effect the immediate clean up of your city.

All of us should be very observant of the actions of each of the Councilors, the actions of the Budget Committee, and the actions of the Mayor. Remember we as taxpayers and voters are the responsible parties to this City's atrocity given we have or have not voted appropriately. Several of the Councilors are up for re-election and we need to be observant on how they have addressed the downtown problems and vote accordingly. The same holds true for the Mayor in a couple of years. In addition we need to be very observant of the budget committee and voice our concerns to the Mayor, Council and Budget Committee. Here are a couple of email addresses that will allow you to do that: One email to the Mayor and Council is sufficient to reach each of them: One email to the Budget Committee is sufficient to reach each committee member: eugene.budget.committee@CI.Eugene.OR.US. You need not sign them to be effective.

Emails are easy and please remember it is each of our responsibility to let these folks know how we feel. Lack of doing this will result in more atrocities in the downtown area. Remember we are all in this together as in: Eugene and its taxpayers deserve better. Thank you to each of you for your support and we will look forward to some positive results by summer.

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