Monday, February 22, 2010

Businesses Need Customers

Business won't move in if it they don't have customers--customers won't come...

The Eugene Police Department has instituted a computer reporting system for non-emergency crimes. It can be found on the web site listed below. Please go online and see what it covers and how it works. It appears that this is a way to record crime in your area but may not result in action by the Eugene Police Dept. Time will tell. It does provide the Eugene Police with another data base to help pin point crime spots. So if you witnessed any of the following what should you do. According to this you will file a report instead of calling the police department.

Select Incident Type There are several different incident types that can be entered using the internet. Please select one from the list below and continue. If the incident you are reporting has a known suspect, you should instead call us at 541-682-5111.

Incident Type Definition Examples
Anonymous Drug Tip LineTo make an anonymous report on a crime you have witnessed involving drugs.For example, if you saw someone selling drugs, perhaps near a school, the library or downtown.
Anonymous Tip LineTo make an anonymous report on a crime you have witnessed.Have you observed an accident, theft, someone breaking into your neighbor's home or car, someone breaking windows of a business or other criminal behaviors, that are not drug related?
GraffitiThe act of changing, modifying or defacing public or private property by using paint or spray paint.Spray painted names on walls, unauthorized murals on property belonging to someone other than the person who painted the mural, etc.
Theft of BicycleYour bicycle is taken without your permission.The bicycle is known to be stolen and missing may be reported. Lost or misplaced bicycles are not a theft.
VandalismThe act of changing, modifying or defacing public or private property.Knocking over mail boxes, throwing rocks through windows, etc.

Click on this Eugene Police Department website for more information and to report non-emergency crimes:

According to this if you see someone breaking into your neighbors house you are to sit down at your computer and file a report. Same applies if you see someone selling drugs near your childs school.

EugeneAdvocates for a Clean City

Letter to the Mayor:

"Clearly something needs to be done with downtown Eugene and safety. Last week I was downtown to purchase a new pair of shoes and have lunch with a friend. I was with my 3 y/o granddaughter--Broadway and Willamette in the center of town. As I was pushing her in the carriage to the shoe store I witnesses a person who had wet himself obviously a menace--talking to two young ladies asking them for money--in the middle of the day. He had wet himself which was apparent by the looks of his clothing---this was prior to lunch so it was early in the day. Not only do I not want to see this kind of display I do not want my granddaughter seeing it and growing up in this kind of environment Public safety needs to be a priority! Laws need to be enforced. Please provide funds for public safety so that I can go downtown and enjoy our city and please please clean up down town Eugene for my grandchildren."

(signed by a concerned taxpaying Grandparent)

Mayors Response:

"While what you describe may be distasteful,it is not illegal for someone to wet himself. No officer can arrest someone for that. We will continue to work on cleaning up downtown and for social service solutions to social service problems. This sounds like a mental health issue. Mayor Piercy"

Response from Grandparent to the Mayor:

" Kitty--in my mind you just don't get it. I am asking for the current laws to be enforced.

I was a Social Worker by profession and worked with down and out persons with "mental health issues" and "distasteful" things and behaviors, as you probably know. I am familiar with special needs I am not new to troubled folks and that is not what I would like addressed. My heart too is in the right place just as yours is--but there are mental health issues and there are laws. I would like to see the laws enforced rather than overlooked. I grew up here as did many generations of my family we were pioneers here--1842. Never have I seen or heard of so many laws being broken and property being damaged. I would like to see a town to be proud of. I would like to be able to take my grandchildren to see the sights of town just as I did not an occasional band or group preforming from time to time. Every time I go down there I get hit up for money or something by someone--- and I see the damage that has been done to buildings--no stores to speak of--I am not unique others see it too. Please look carefully at putting more law enforcement folks in town and clean it up. If we could just enforce toe current laws it would be helpful. Maybe then business will want to come back to town. Please consider my plea in the current budget process. Thank you for your time."

(signed by a concerned Grandparent)

Mayorial Response to the Grandparents of Eugene:

We all want the current laws enforced. That is not what you were discussing in your e-mail. I would have to see real stats regarding whether this is worse than it has ever been. I am certainly aware of that the problem exists. I am proud of our city and all the work so many do on so many fronts. I too am downtown regularly and I see some things I don’t like. I have never felt threatened nor been badly treated. I understand others have had a different experiences. We have been and are looking at more law enforcement, increased social services and development and we all believe it is the combination that will finally make the difference. I do not underestimate the problem or the challenge but neither do I overestimate. I see the reality and we are trying hard to deal with it, even in this recession and with our budgetary restraints. Kitty

Response from the Grandparent who "gets it" to the Mayor for all Eugene:

" Kitty--to start off right I would like to ask you not to scold me or correct my paper we are both adults and I would really like you to be the "Mayor to all of the people"--not just those who support your views.

Like I said in my last email my family has been here since the 1800's---I love this city which is why it breaks my heart to see it in it's current state. My family and many others refuse to go near downtown. They do not feel safe and are accosted each time they go near downtown. We have laws why can't they be enforced?

As far as social services go--we have many-- As the presenter at a workshop I attended recently stated "if you are an addict Lane CTY is a good place to be." Many of the folks that hang around downtown use the existing social services and still beg and break the law-- many choose not to follow the regulations required to receive the the social services-- I don't think they work that well. ( My opinion) I have been attending a workshop at SHMC Campus branch on addiction. Some really good things have come out of it. 1) which hasn't changed in years--most ( 70 to 85%) relapse 2)--it ruins families and friends 3) it is very expensive and frankly I do not think we have the dollars for it. 4) Alcohol is where it usually starts and with teens. As a result most on the street do not seek out treatment. Law states that the person seeking treatment has to do it of his/her own behalf-- they can not be forced. It is only successful if the person buys into treatment. They have to want treatment. So-- the question is what would be the social services you are talking about?

My question is simple--when are we going to clean up Eugene and enforce the current laws already on the books. Business won't move in if it they don't have customers--customers won't come downtown if it isn't safe. Please consider this when working on the budget".

(signed by a Grandparent concerned about Downtown condition and Law Breakers)

"The reputation of a police department in any given community is what insures a safe environment. New York PD is a good an example of effective.

Criminals migrate to regions where police departments are micro-managed and handcuffed by vocal minorities and city government. When Police can only bark and not bite, and the criminal justice system is not capable of delivering punishment that is detrimental from a violator’s perspective, you have a failed system. From a victim’s perspective, these elementary facts are easier to comprehend. Criminals do communicate and I’ll use Al Qaeda as an efficient example.

Until city government, the vocal minority, and local media quit condemning law enforcement and allow them to utilize their core training, this community’s reputation and safety will continue to erode at its’ already alarming rate."

(submitted by a taxpayer and voter)