Friday, February 26, 2010

Malt Liquor Sales Ban

KVAL asks questions on the Task Force solutions:

Should malt liquor sales be banned in Eugene? Eugenean's comments:

How many ways can I say no? How about we enforce the laws we already have? Do something about the homeless problem? So, if we take away the cheap, high content beer, that's really going to stop people from drinking? Hardly. Are we going to ban cheap wine? PBR? One of the cheapest beers on the market? Take all the cheep alcohol out of the liquor stores? Let's just go back to prohibition. That worked really well. Let's just ban everything we don't like. You can't by spray paint without getting carded, did that do anything to curb the graffiti issues? We made stupid laws regarding the purchase of cold medicine to stop meth. That worked really well for us now didn't it?

The problem is an out of control non-local homeless-by-choice population Eugene has become a 5-Star destination to.

I live in a nice neighborhood where the homeowners take pride in their community, however we have a "mini-mart" just down the street and due to the fact that they knowingly sell alcohol to the homeless in the area we have a corner that is overrun with bums. I can look out my kitchen window and see a small herd of homeless people sharing paper covered cans, day and night. The availability of the cheap malt liquor is going to determine where they are going to hang out.

Make and/or ENFORCE laws regarding vagrancy, illegal camping, panhandling, public intoxication, etc. in Lane County and start addressing the problem at its root.

If you would like to see more on this subject please go to:

While the solutions are not perfect it is a start and will need the budget committee to endorse it with their support of funding for Public Safety.

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