Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another Day

Good morning Mayor.

This is another day without action to fix the downtown problems. When will these "do nothing days" stop and be replaced by action. We do not need more lip service, more downtown parties, or any other exercises you have put the city thru. We need enforcement action. What is your WRITTEN plan of action Mayor? See below what one of your constituents thinks. This is from a tax payer and voter in Eugene.

EugeneAdvocates for a Clean City

"Yes!...a voice of reason...cutting through all the 'garbage' literally. Aren't there lots of you who are tired of being lied to by bureaucrats? Doesn't the continual sewage of untruths drive you crazy? Whatever happened to, "We screwed up with our policies 40 years ago...we're paying a terrible price for those misjudgements...and here is EXACTLY how we're proceding to correct the problems. If we don't solve them by the next election cycle, we don't deserve the offices we have been given - simple as that!" Oh, yeah, wouldn't it be satisfying to hear an abject, no excuses apology for the grief that those misjudgements have caused? What's happened to us? You wonder why people are losing their civility when discussing these issues with officials? It's the LYING!...and it's the failure to take full RESPONSIBILITY!

Thank you, eugeneadvocates. Give us a voice...then stand back! The level of frustration is extraordinary at almost every level of local government."

(Signed by a tax payer and voter)