Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Unpleasant Evening Downtown


The patrons who are frustrated are tax payers, voters, and clients of our local businesses. Do they not have the right to ask for a safe place to visit and enjoy our downtown? What is your Written Plan and timetable for that plan to be implemented?

EugeneAdvocates for a Clean City


Madame Mayor -

Unfortunately, I can not be at the City Council meeting this evening. But I do want to share with you an example of why people do not want to come to/do business in downtown Eugene.

In summer of last year my wife, another couple, and I went downtown to try out a new Moroccan restaurant.

We parked the car and, on the way past Ken Kesey Square saw a large number of youth gathering. We went to the restaurant, which had garage door-type windown open to the pleasant summer evening. About 10 minutes later a loud, loud rock band began playing in Ken Kesey Square (I'll bet they didn't have a performance license). We could not hear ourselves think.

They closed the windows but still had to turn the house music up so loud that conversation was next to impossible.

On the way back to our car one of the vagrant youth that your govt. makes feel so welcome asked us for our doggy bag.

Will we go back to dinner downtown? Will the couple we were with? Will anyone we tell about this? No for sure for us and and our friends.

This is the kind of city that your administration allows (and, many would reasonably say, encourages). Bike paths? There's always money for those. Diversity programs? Ditto. Now we'll find money for a skateboard park. Boy, that'll keep those kids at home or in school, won't it?

Thank you for carefull considering solutions to (not excuses for) this serious problem.
(Signed by a Eugene resident and Eugene taxpayer and Eugene voter)