Saturday, November 7, 2009

An Outpouring of Outrage

Mayor--after review of these comments from your Constituents perhaps it is time to turn our collective attention to solutions and implementation of those solutions. Hope you can agree and will lead the way to solutions, not more rhetoric.

EugeneAdvocates for a Clean City

"I am offended by Mayor Piercy's recent e-mail in which she compares her constituents who wish to voice their concerns, but who also wish to remain anonymous, to the Klu Klux Klan.

Mayor Piercy wrote "I am of course very concerned that anyone feels they have to hide their identity in order to express their point of view" and "Still overall it is good practice to approach anonymous complaints with skeptical caution".

I would like to point out to the Mayor that many of her constituents express their points of view while hiding their identity. They do it on election day at the ballot box, and they are called "VOTERS"!

Mayor Piercy also wrote in her e-mail "If they are indeed fearful, please give me a call instead and I will be glad to keep your identity confidential". Why would anyone have confidence in Mayor Piercy, when she has shown that when she can't address a evident problem in her city frontally, SHE resorts to NAME CALLING?!!

Did Mayor Piercy ever think that maybe the nameless constituents are nameless BECAUSE they want her to remain FOCUSED on the evident problem, and not allow her to create a distraction by attacking those constituents. Those nameless constituents are expecting her to do her job to make downtown Eugene a safe and clean place for businesses and customers alike.

I have used the word "evident problem" because she herself has repeatedly stated that she has been working on this downtown issue for a long time, so she can't claim she didn't know it existed. I go back to Mayor Piercy's "name calling e-mail" in which she wrote "One can say and do anything if one does not have to be held accountable for it".

The nameless constituents do want accountability, they want accountability and a timetable for action FROM MAYOR PIERCY!!!

Signed Anonymous"

"It is very revealing that Kitty Piercy equates anonymous community activism to the KKK, who persecuted black Americans, and not Harriet Tubman and her underground railroad who secretly freed black Americans. Piercy's injection of race into a non-racial argument is racist on its face as is her conflation of racism and opposition to her failed policies. She should be deeply ashamed of herself for such a statement.

She also says, "One can say and do anything if one does not have to be held accountable for it." But the anonymous EugeneAdvocates are held accountable by the ultimate arbiter: the facts of reality, which are plainly visible to anyone who ventures into downtown Eugene.

By a proudly anonymous community activist"

"Unlike the mayor – I recall some other famous authors wrote behind pen names and were not revealed till after their death. The most notable being the authors of the Federalist Papers. According to Wikipedia “… they are an "incomparable exposition of the Constitution, a classic in political science unsurpassed in both breadth and depth by the product of any later American writer." At the time of publication, the authorship of the articles was a closely-guarded secret, though astute observers guessed that Hamilton, Madison, and Jay were the likely authors. …”

While I would not suggest your work in on par with the authors of the “Federalist Papers” The thought that the message in more important than the authors is consistent."

(signed by a Eugene taxpayer and resident)

"She (the Mayor) hasn't done anything to satisfy me. I would only be satisfied if I was a panhandler on any one of hundreds of intersections in Eugene. Thanks for your efforts."

(signed a Eugene resident)

Very weak--same old story "I will continue to work on it". Do something!!!!!!!!

(signed by a Eugene taxpayer and voter)

Surprise another work session, another way to delay anything actually happening.

(signed by a Eugene taxpayer)

"I am a Eugenian who has had his car keyed twice in downtown Eugene, do not want to be outed by Kitty for expressing my opinion. Fixing the paint on a keyed car costs about $500."

(signed by a taxpayer and voter in Eugene)

"Just about every evening when I walk home from work, I pass the bus stop in front of St. Mary's Church on 10th. On most days, there is a different batch of youth openly smoking and/or selling pot. A picture of this activity with the church in the background would be very effective in rousing more citizens to action, I would think.

I hate what this wonderful city is becoming. Criminals need to learn that actions have consequences; instead we are enabling sociopaths."

(signed by a taxpayer and voter in Eugene)

Maybe people should actually put forth an effort to become measurable assets to the community instead of liabilities.

I'm sick and tired of hearing all the whining in this community. Grow up people, be accountable for your actions, it's not all about your little world, it's a matter of compromise among 150,000 plus individuals, many whom have made life-long commitments to Eugene.

Mayor and council, I sincerely hope you are listening?

Eugene Advocates for a Clean City obviously understand the issues and action required to make a difference, maybe you should to.

(signed by a Eugene resident and taxpayer)