Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Springfield Can, Why Can't Eugene?


While we continue to have folks defend EugeneAdvocates' right to privacy and are obligated to forward those posts, EugeneAdvocates would like to turn the focus back on the problems at hand in Eugene, away from our identity. So let's do that. You have raised the issue of places to house criminals. We have advocated for a short time fix of flooding the downtown area with citation writers like this past weekend whether they be Police Officers, Volunteers, Red Hat, LCARA officers, or the Parking police. However, now that the Police Chief has convened his Task Force perhaps one of the agenda items could be a local jail, perhaps a Sprung Structure type jail.

Springfield is going to open their new misdemeanor jail on December 1, 2009. Why can't Eugene do the same as one of the long term solutions? What do you think? Springfield has their entire Police Department including the 100 bed jail on one footprint in one location. Springfield's goal is to put a stop to crimes against their people and to improve the quality of life for their residents. Very Admirable!!!!!!

Cost $28 million dollars for the structure and they own it. Financed by a bond measure. Eugene should consider this as a long term solution to our current downtown problem after implementing immediate solutions. Using new technology(Sprung Structures) the Eugene structure could be much more efficient and much less costly. Maybe a long term solution for the task force to study???? This is the new Springfield jail preparing for a December 1, 2009, opening.

EugeneAdvocates for a Clean City