Sunday, November 29, 2009

Time to Refocus


Time To Refocus On The Downtown Problems. Did You Know...?

Eugene has two police officers working the downtown area on bikes four days a week. Is this enough to handle our crime in downtown? Our crime rate growth indicates maybe no.

One of our two downtown Police Officers who work four days a week in the downtown corridor. Is this sufficient? Note: trespassing and drinking from an open container may be Eugene Code violations.

We all agree we need more money for jail space, more officers, etc. However, in this economy that may not be acceptable to those that normally supply the money (taxpayers). In that case, those who supply the money may question the priorities and use of funding by officials. Public safety should be our number one expense. All others should not. What do you think? Want to weight in on this concept mayor-council before the budgeting process starts?? Please do....

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