Wednesday, November 18, 2009



"I appreciate being on your email list; I don't mind that you are anonymous and I hope you will continue looking at solutions to public safety not only in Eugene but also the larger county."

(signed by a community leader and taxpayer)

Thanks for your comment community leader and please remember the words of one of the citizens who said: "I would like to point out to the Mayor that many of her constituents express their points of view while hiding their identity. They do it on election day at the ballot box, and they are called "VOTERS"!"

In answer to the community leader above, EugeneAdvocates will continue to seek solutions. EugeneAdvocates has pointed out a set of short term and long term solutions. Sometimes in expressing those solutions it may be labeled by some that one is micro-managing the administration. To our critics if you don't care for the solutions listed please provide further ideas. However, regardless of what we call the solutions the end result is what we all are seeking and that is a Clean, Viable, City we can all be proud of that will attract investors, businesses, retain existing businesses, and attract patrons to use the downtown corridor.

So let's not get hung up on what we call it except SOLUTIONS. One of our previous emails listed a series of suggested solutions both short term for immediate implementation and longer term solutions that we hope one of the newly formed committees for public safety will explore further. Since inception there has been no visible implementation of any of those solutions thus resulting in further problems in our downtown. At this time the rain is our only friend for the downtown condition.

High hopes from all are attached to the Council and Mayor work session on the downtown area to be held on November 23rd at 5:30pm. It is hoped that regardless what they are called solutions will be adopted at that meeting by the Council and passed to the City Manager and Police Chief for implementation. It is time for action now, not further discussions.

EugeneAdvocates for a Clean City